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Shipping Policy

Our Shipping policy provides you the best possible shipping cost available. We do not add cost on. The rate you see is the actual rate provided by the shipping provider in real time (USPS) based on the total weight of  your order and the your ship to address. All shipping cost is computed with real time data connection to the shipping provider. You Save with FunWithWind honest shipping policy and we hope you come back again and again. Many single kite orders qualify for USPS First Class Shipping Ranging from $2.99 to $3.14. Many orther sites will charge your $5.74 to $8.90 for the same kite shipping.

Check Your Shipping Cost Before You Buy
It's easy to check your shipping cost before you start the check out process.
When you add an item to your cart you will see a button VIEW SHIPPING COST,  simply enter your zip code to display the shipping cost for the items in your cart. Many sites do not show you your shipping cost until you check out. We hope this helps you become a better online shopper and return to FunWithWind for your next kite or windsock order.

Why we ship USPS
The good news is that kites and windsocks are extremely light and by using USPS we do not get charge all the various surcharges imposed by other shippers, including upto $2.00 for eash residential shippment.

USPS is a safer system for delivery of kites. Our packages do not get broken in hi speed conveyor systems. We save on packing material and carton by using the USPS system.

Shipping cost is provided by the USPS postal system in real time quotes with each order placed on our web site. You can see the weight of your package during check out. We use real time product weights.

We weigh every item to assure an accurate and fair shipping cost for your order. No hidden charges, no add on packing and handling. NO FLAT RATE SHIPPING at FunWithWind. Some sites charge upto three (3) times the shipping cost on a flat rate system. You Save with FunWithWind honest shipping policy and we hope you come back again and again.

You will always see the shipping offer stated on our site in several places, so you know the shipping offer before you add items to your cart. Our Advertising clearly states our shipping offer.

What You Need to Know About USPS Tracking
Well, the good and the bad. USPS calls it TRACK & CONFIRM, but it is more confirm that track. Some packages don't get scanned until they are delivered and some package never get scanned even when we pay extra for TRACK & CONFIRM. When you attemp to track your shipment here is the type of message you may be presented;

'The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on December 10, 2009 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later. '

The above is a close as it comes to saying your package was never shipped.
One would think, after accusing the shipper of non shipment some reasonable effort would be make to at least scan the package at some point.

Please be aware this does not mean you package has not been shipped. Several customer have taken the Track & Confirm number to their local postoffice and were told the package was never shipped. Then, the next day the package shows up on thier doorstep. In order for FunWithWind to obtain a Track & Confirm Number we must purchase postage from the US Postoffice even if we purchase electronic postage.

When the postoffice picks up our shipments they do not scan the packages (that would be to much customer service). When our packages are droped off at the local post office they do not scan the package (once again to much customer service). The first time a package MAY BE scanned is at the regional sorting center. We have written several letters to USPS officials (total 58 letters) to date we have never had a response. Presently 2 in 10 packages we ship never get scanned, 20% of our shipment (even after we pay for scan service), yet we continue to pay extra for Track & Confirm service hoping for the best. 

On specific sales or events during the year we may elect to offer FREE SHIPPING. During these events we follow the following shipping policies:
First Class Mail orders under 13 ounces 
Priority Mail orders over 13 ounces

Funwithwind offers FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over a specified amount. With our newly update store application we offer customer various offers for free shipping as follows:

First Class Mail (orders under 13 ounces over the specified amount)
Priority Mail  if your order is over the specified amount.
Express Mail is available at your option for an additional cost

First Class Mail:
  3 to 5 days US delivery
Priority Mail: 3 to 4 days US delivery
Express Mail: 1 to 2 days US delivery

Track & Confirm Numbers
Each and every package we ship (including First Class Mail) will contain a Track & Confirm number. We purchase postage with for each package we ship. Your email is entered into our intergrated application so that you will recieve an email from notifying you of the shipment and providing you with a tracking number.

Overall we do our best to provide honest,  fair shipping cost. We want our customer happy and returning additional merchandise purchases.

Thanks for shopping FunWithWind




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