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16 ft Turbine Tube 3.5 ft Dia
Stock#: 21-16616
Size: 16 ft Long x 3.5 ft Dia
16 ft Turbine Tube 3.5 ft Dia


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Wind Roataton TubeRange: 5 - 12 mph
Packaging: Nylon Carrying Case with pull string

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Slow turning 16f Rotating Tube with 11 panels, Pilot kite not included.  Now includes special stay open feature.  


New Feature
If you have a rotating tube you probly found yourself keeping the mouth open during low wind day a constant problem...well the funwithwind rotating tube includes a thin surgical tubing around the mouth to keep the mouth during low wind flying. The surgical tubing is thin and flexible unlike fiberglass rods that crack or break during storage.

Includes: Pull string sruff bag with carrying strap (seen below). SPRO's premium ball bearing swivel,  the ultimate in smooth rotation and exceptional durability. Black finish with two welded rings 540lb test.

Pilot Kite not included. Depending on wind conditions, we have attached the rotating tube to a Sutton 16 and up, HQ Power sled 1.0 and up, also looks great on larger size delta kites.

Large kite tie down system experience required. Layout your flight line for the pilot kite. Attach a carabina (10kn or better) with a min of 3 turns. Launch your pilot kite. Layout your Rotating Tube under the pilot kite away from the tie down system the same distance where you placed the carabina. Be sure to lay the Rotating Tube with the bridle facing away from the wind or down wind or the rotating tube tails closest to the pilot tie down. Use your walk down pulley and connect the swivel to the carabina. As you walk your line back slowly the Rotating Tube will fill with air as a result of the open tail end still on the ground allowing the air to be trapped in the tube and start rotating.

Attaching Methods for Rotating Tube 
There are two basic methods to attaching your line laundry to the pilot kite line. Shown on the right Larks Head
1. Lark Head Knot.
2.Carabiner Connection

Larks Head Knot
Be sure the lead line on your swivel has a large enought knot to not allow the Lark Head to slip by the knot on the lead line. Larks Head is Not recommended for larger Rotating Tubes with flying line over 880lb.

Carabiner Connection
Be sure to select the correct size and strenght carabiner to fit the size of the item you are hanging on the pilot kite line. Minimum of three turns are recommended on the pilot line attachement to the Carabiner. While the line is loose you can mover or relocate the carabiner on the pilot kite line.

Always store your Rotating Tube dry and free of sand or grass. It is recommended  you daisy chain the bridle line the same way it was recieved and leave one of the carabiners attached to the swivel to lock your daisy chain. If these lines get twisted and tangled, you will spend the better part of a day untangling.

Keep out of reach of chrildren, and parents who send their chrildren close to take pictures. We have got into a habbit of coution tape in the flying area. Do not fly in high winds or gusty conditions. Do not fly over 15 mph wind, near power lines or trees. Use caution when launching and take down. Always fly with a flying partner.
Be safe and enjoy!


Manufacturer Support Offers
The following material is available from the manufacture. Some documents require Acrobat Reader
Item NameAction/File Name
Flying Instructions RotatingTube.pdf (SAVE AS)

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